How to Choose the Best Lawyers

When it comes time to hire a lawyer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You don’t normally have to employ legal counsel, so how do you know who you should call? Choosing from the many lawyers in Melbourne doesn’t have to be complicated, but you should have some guiding principles. While most lawyers look the same on the surface, they’re not all alike. Choosing the best lawyer is all about finding a person who has the skill and experience to handle your specific case, and with whom you can also feel comfortable. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

Ask for Recommendations

Assuming you need a lawyer to handle a matter that won’t bring you embarrassment, you might begin by asking your friends and family for recommendations. Some of the best lawyers in Melbourne operate almost entirely on referrals. They do good work for people who eventually tell their friends and family about them. Chances are high that someone in your circle has used a lawyer and can tell you what it’s like to work with that professional. If you’re facing a potentially embarrassing criminal charge, then perhaps you won’t want to reveal this to your friends. If it’s something more routine, starting with those you trust is a good strategy.

Look for Lawyers with Expertise in Your Specific Area of Need

Some lawyers bill themselves as generalists, meaning they try to handle everything that comes through the door. They might do some car crash cases, some criminal defense cases, and some wills and trusts. Other lawyers choose to handle specific types of cases. You should look for a lawyer who has some specific experience in your area of need. For example, if you’ve been charged with a crime, it doesn’t make sense to choose a lawyer who mostly helps small businesses. When you meet with lawyers in Melbourne, make sure you ask them about their experience with different kinds of cases.

Choose a Lawyer You Feel Comfortable With

Many clients have complaints about lawyers who fail to live up to their high standards. They claim that the lawyer didn’t call them back, didn’t listen to them or didn’t seem to take their issues seriously. When you meet with new potential lawyers, make sure you develop a level of comfort with them. The best lawyers will do the following:


  • Call or email you back as soon as possible
  • Pass important information on to you as soon as they get it
  • Ask you for input on big decisions
  • Recognize that your case is ultimately about you and your needs

Look for Strategic Thinkers

You should look for lawyers who will think their way through every case. A good lawyer will see your case as a puzzle with many potential solutions. They’ll be able to think through the puzzle, coming up with as many solutions and possible outcomes as possible. When you first meet with a potential lawyer, ask them how they would think through your case and listen to them talk through it. As you listen, try to sense whether they’re seeing many different layers in your case. This bodes well for their capacity to think strategically as the case moves on.